Today's hours:

The Crocodile Grill is the place to start your day before class, or meet up with friends to wind down after a full day. 

Breakfast has its classics but that doesn’t make it rigid and boring, at the Crocodile Grill, have your eggs cooked the way you like then, or enjoy Pancakes, French toast, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, parfaits and more!  

After classes you can now enjoy a meal from a rotating menu featuring healthy choices and some tasty desserts, or pick your meal the diverse Crocodile Grill night menu.  Ideas for something you would like to see on the menu, let us know and we will do the  best we can. 

For that pick me up at anytime, Power drinks and fair-trade coffee along with specialty coffees are available In a hurry, select a quick bite from the selection of on-the-go Energy bars and other offerings.

Keep an eye out for hosted food events and promotional Limited Time Offers at the Crocodile Grill.

Coming soon the Every Day App will soon allow you to order and pay for your meal with the meal plan and have your food waiting for you.