Culinary Concepts

Love of Food

Food is at the heart of everything we do, and Sodexo is proud to present the best culinary talent in the industry. From the creativity that goes into every dish to the many ways they share their passion for good food, our chefs celebrate fresh, simple, bold, and satisfying flavors and wonderful seasonal ingredients. Celebrating their diverse backgrounds, kitchen experiences and cooking styles, they share a love for food that’s unparalleled. We believe in nourishing the body and soul, in providing healthy and nutritious food, in exploring global and right-at-home flavors and in being careful stewards of our natural resources. Our guests seek authenticity, balance, diversity, and choice when they visit our restaurants, and we’re proud to offer quality dishes that they find satisfying and exciting. To us, innovation means welcoming change, challenging the status quo, embracing food trends, and adapting to our guests’ ever-changing palate and culinary interests. Our chefs are devoted to delighting our guests, using their talent, creativity, and passion to bring remarkable experiences and excellence to everything they do. To learn more about Love of Food, please visit


Today’s customers want more than great food – they want to know exactly what they are eating. Mindful is a healthy dining program that offers items that meet specific nutrition criteria. Created by chefs and registered dietitians, Mindful menu items utilize simple ingredients and cooking techniques that enhance flavour without adding extra salt, fat or sugar. We are committed to incorporating Mindful options into both our daily menus and limited time offers cycle.

Simply to Go

Simply to Go is a convenient option to enjoy a great meal option when time is short. We know students have busy schedules that may not match traditional mealtimes, to ensure healthy meal options are available, a balanced range of options are available l with the focusof re-energizing and refueling. With Simply to Go, you can select fresh food at a moment’s notice and be on their way.

Simply to Go is being featured in the CAW Marketplace, the Centre for Engineering Innovation,  the Odette School of Business, the Toldo Lancer Centre, Vanier Buliding and Almuni Hall.